ASIC Verification: Timing 1

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Timing 1

Due to a miscommunication during design, you thought your circuit was supposed to have a supply voltage of 2.1 volts and a 25 ns cycle time, and you designed it to meet those specifications. Now your boss tells you, you were supposed to have a 20 ns cycle time. To avoid redesigning the whole circuit, your co-worker suggests increasing the voltage of the circuit to decrease the delay to 20 ns. The same co-worker also suggests picking some arbitrary number like 3.5 volts.

  1. Determine the new cycle time of your circuit with a 3.5 volt input voltage.
  2. Calculate the increase in power consumption of your circuit at 3.5 volts.
  3. To satisfy your boss, calculate the minimum voltage you would increase the supply voltage to, in order to allow your circuit to run at 20 ns.
You may leave your answer in non-simplified numeric terms, but not in the form of an equation to solve.

1 comment:

Mudasir said...

1. New cycle time = 69.4ns
2. Power increases by 64%
3. To work the design at 20ns V must be 1.87V