ASIC Verification: Gate level simulation - Part 2

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gate level simulation - Part 2

Gate level simulation is used in the late design cycle to increase the level of confidence about a design implementation and can help to verify dynamic circuit behavior that cannot be accurately verified with static methods. For example the start up and reset phase of a chip. To reduce the overall cycle time, only a minimum amount of vectors should be simulated using the most accurate timing model available.

Unit delay simulation

The net list after synthesis, but before routing does not contain the clock tree. It does not make sense to use SDF back annotation at this step, but GLS may be used to verify the reset circuit, the scan chain or to get data for power estimation. If no back annotation is used, simulators should use libraries which have the specified block containing timing arcs disabled and using Distributed delays instead.

Full timing simulation with SDF

Simulation is run by taking full timing delays from SDF. The SDF file is used to back annotate values for propagation delays and timing checks to the Verilog gate level net list.

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