ASIC Verification: To Maximize the Fault Coverage

Monday, May 5, 2008

To Maximize the Fault Coverage

The scan design technique depends on the controllability and observability of the state of DUT. Observe the following guidelines to maximize the fault coverage.
  • Use Full Scan
  • Use cells that have full functional models
  • Fix all design rule violations, in particular
      • Be careful when you use the gated clocks. If the clock signal at a FF is gated, a primary clock might not be able to control its state. If your design has clock gating, disable it in test mode.
      • Generate the clocks off chip. If clock signals are generated on chip (Clock dividers), you can't control the state.
      • Minimize the combinational feedback loops. CFL are difficult to test because they are hard to place in a known state.
      • Use scan compatible sequential elements.
      • Avoid uncontrollable asynchronous behavior.
      • Control bi-directional from Primary Inputs.

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